Our koi pond filters, pumps, sterilizers and other equipment may be purchased through any of these internet suppliers, or directly through us - the manufacturer.

Adams Aquatics www.adamsaquatics.com
Aquarium Specialty, Inc. www.aquariumspecialty.com
Aqua Wave Pumps www.aquawavepumps.com
Bridgeway Koi www.bwkoi.com
California Ponds & Water Gardens www.joesponds.com
Champion Nishikigoi www.champkoi.com
Columbia Water Gardens www.columbiawatergardens.com
Down to Earth Landscapes www.raleighlandscape.com
Firstcomp Koi www.firstcompkoipond.com
Genki Nishikigoi www.genkikoi.com
Inland Koi www.inlandkoi.com
Koi Enterprise www.koienterprise.com
Koi Stuff www.koi-stuff.com
Laguna Koi Ponds www.lagunakoi.com
Las Cruces Koi www.lascruceskoi.com
Nature's Touch Ponds www.naturestouchponds.com
Not Just fish www.notjustfish.com
Pentair Aquatic Habitats www.aquaticecosystems.com
Sky N Land Corp-2 www.Skynlandcorp-2.com
The Koi Supply www.thekoisupply.com

If you would like to become a distributor of the Wave Line of Koi products, please contact us for more information.